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Boost your sales in 4 steps

1. Upload product info and photos to your catalog with just the product name

2. Customize your online catalog with your brand and colors in minutes

3. Create unique ads and promotional campaigns with only a few clicks

4. Manage purchase orders and stock in one place

RediRedi free catalog example

Beyond the catalog, a complete platform to market your products

Quick catalog customization

Have your online catalog personalized with your brand, colors and address quickly and easily. Your complete product showcase always updated for your customers, wherever they are.

Automated product listing

Find ready-made information and photos in our database with millions of pre-registered products. Generate optimized descriptions for sales with artificial intelligence.

Creation of promotional images

Create promotional images using professionally designed templates and ready-made information about your products to post on social media or use in messaging campaigns

Smart sales management

Receive your orders on our platform and always be notified by e-mail and WhatsApp. Have all your inventory and sales management in one place with RediRedi.

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