How to sell with your digital catalog on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is more than a messaging app; it’s a direct bridge to your customers. And RediRedi helps you prepare your product to be promoted on WhatsApp.

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The 5 tips for selling on WhatsApp

RediRedi offers resources for you to implement these tips.

1. Post daily in broadcast lists

It’s important to have the discipline to promote a product every day in your WhatsApp broadcast lists.

Share the link to your digital catalog or the individual links for each product so the customer can see all the details.

2. Personalize messages according to the client’s profile

Separate your contacts into different lists according to each client’s shopping habits.

It’s like each client receives a personalized communication. And this generates more sales and customer loyalty.

3. Format makes a difference in the message

When promoting products on WhatsApp, pay attention to the format of the image posted:

↔️ Square is recommended for broadcast list posts as they don’t take up much space, thus highlighting the message with the promoted offer.

↕️ Vertical is recommended to make the most of the space in WhatsApp Status (or Stories).

4. Bring your audience from Instagram and Facebook

When sharing your products on Instagram and Facebook, directly from your RediRedi, make sure your WhatsApp number is always updated in the digital catalog, as it will appear in all your posts.

Remember that by speaking directly with the customer, you can convert and build loyalty better, making the buying process simpler. And you can offer convenient payment options, like PIX.

5. Show all the details of your business

When your customers click on your contact photo on WhatsApp, they should see more details such as:

  • Link to your digital catalog

  • Your business address

  • A brief description of your business

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