Transform your digital catalog into sales​

We highlight some effective practices to improve your online presence and make your customers’ shopping experience easier.

RediRedi free catalog example

Personalize your catalog​

RediRedi offers features to create an outstanding catalog.

Orders on WhatsApp

Including the option to receive orders via WhatsApp makes the sale more direct and personal, speeding up the purchase process.

Social Media

Register all your social media in the online catalog. This helps customers get to know your store better and engage with your brand across different channels.


Even though it is a digital catalog, it is important to mention your physical address. This conveys trust and credibility to customers.


Clearly state delivery options and policies. Clear information about delivery times, costs, and service areas is essential to avoid confusion.


Personalizing your digital catalog with your brand’s colors and banners creates a visually appealing experience consistent with your store’s identity.

Check out the demo digital catalogs

🇧🇷 Pet Shop

🇨🇴 Cosmetics

🇲🇽 Fashion


🇪🇸 Gadgets

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RediRedi is a complete platform to sell your products

Quick catalog customization

Have your online catalog personalized with your brand, colors, and address quickly and easily. Your complete product showcase always updated for your customers, wherever they are.

Automated product registration

Find ready-made information and photos in our database with millions of pre-registered products. Generate sales-optimized descriptions with artificial intelligence.

Unmatched promotional image creation

Create promotional images using templates with professional design and ready-made information about your products to post them on social networks or send via messages.

Smart sales management

Receive your orders on our platform and always be notified on your store's WhatsApp. Have all inventory and sales management in one place with RediRedi.

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