RediRedi wants to help SMB's sell more online

The company name expresses the concept of boosting sales. It comes from the word reditus, which in Latin means income. Written twice, it means even more money.

And yes, you can say “rédi rédi”.

A story of friendship and values

RediRedi was created by partners André Macedo, Arley Moura, and Kadu Braga, who have been entrepreneurs together since 2013, when they founded ZeroPaper, a financial management software for micro-enterprises, bought by Intuit in 2015 for $20 million.

After that venture, the group went to work for Santander in Spain, evaluating and creating startups. After four and a half years, the partners decided to go back to entrepreneurship together. “We helped many companies save money in the past, and now we have created a company to help entrepreneurs sell more,” says Macedo.

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