Free templates for online product posts

Use photos and data from your catalog to create product posts in minutes. High-level design to promote products on social media and messaging.

Have an outstanding promotional artwork

Use our promotional artwork generator to better promote your products on social media. It’s much easier and faster, and you don’t need to have design knowledge.

Color contrast

Choose the color combination that best highlights the product.

Highlight your products

Choose the format that best fits the product. At RediRedi, you will have several options.a

Before & After Pricing

The discount needs to be evident, and there’s nothing better than showing the old price and the new one.

WhatsApp always present

The artwork will be shared with your friends’ friends, so don’t forget to always display your WhatsApp number.

Headlines with AI

Enhance product titles with AI to attract more attention on social media and WhatsApp.

A complete platform to promote your products

Artwork creation

Create promotional images using templates with professional design and ready-made information about your products to post them on social networks or send via messages.

Automated product registration

Find ready-made information and photos in our database with millions of pre-registered products. Generate sales-optimized descriptions with artificial intelligence.

Quick catalog customization

Have your online catalog personalized with your brand, colors, and address quickly and easily. Your complete product showcase always updated for your customers, wherever they are.

Smart sales management

Receive your orders on our platform and always be notified on your store's WhatsApp. Have all inventory and sales management in one place with RediRedi.

What are you waiting for to get started?

Create your digital catalog for free and start selling your products online!

Sell on WhatsApp Quickly and Easily!

With RediRedi’s tools, you receive orders directly through your store’s WhatsApp. Provide a more interactive and efficient experience for your customers.